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Brief History

I.Brief History

(1) The origin of school establishment

The site of the school was originally the maintenancet place of Taipei Municipal Bus Agent. The terrain is so flat that it is suitable to establish a school. On July 1, 1997, the Authority of Education of Taipei City Government agreed to build Zhong- Lun Junior High School. In the academic year of 1998, to release the pressure of entering senior high school and to improve the balanced regional development as well, Zhong-Lun was changed to a complete high school.

In the academic year of 2002, Zhong- Lun High School started enrolling  students. Each year, the school recruits ten classes of senior high  with 42 students in each class, and 6 classes of junior high with 38 students in each class. In 48 classes, 2000 male and female students are included. The name of Zhong- Lun has its dialectical meaning. "Lun" means an isolated hill, where the area is distributed from Yan-Ji Street , Ning-An Street, Bei-Ning Road, Jian-Kang Road to Nan-Jing East Road . Its width is from tens to hundreds meters. For the hill is located in the center of the eastern Tagal flat, it is so called Zhong- Lun.

(2) General Information

Site: 20,621 square meter

Address: NO.101, Sec.4, Bede Rd., SongShan District, Taipei City, 105 Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Telephone: 02-2753-5316

Fax: 02-2753-4598


The number of class: 30 classes for Senior High ; 23 classes for Junior High

The number of students: 1096 Senior High Students ; 621 Junior High  Students