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The Scheme of Campus

II. The Scheme of Campus

(1)   The principle of scheme

a. Educational Design for Life: To integrate school, family and community in education, we assert that Moral, Intelligence, Physical Education, Social and Art Education should be balanced-developed.

b. Adaptive Teaching: Our teaching is individual, human, social and being for life, which combines classe, groups, Team Teaching, Further Education and Information Education.

c. Informative Teaching Administration: Using outstanding technology, computer and multimedia teaching, we proceed with the world trends. In this way, our school management and administration is modern and effective.

(2)   The Beauty of Zhong- Lun

a. The Circus: Built like the Colosseo in Rome,  Zhong -Lun is the first school to adopt Roman architecture in Taiwan, especially in terms of  the Circus design.  It is placed in the center of our school. Standing at the Circus and looking up, you will see the blue sky in the day time and shining stars at night.

b. Mostly, the spaces on the first floor are open, which means that there is no classroom except for the administration offices. The inner corridors connect our campus, and they are in front and behind each classroom. To compare with other schools, we reserve a larger space in each classroom for the convenience of collaborative learning, where it is 4 meters in height and  27 meters in width.      

c. We have International Committee Hall and Gym where gathering and ball games can be provided. There is also an inner swimming pool which occasionally supplies with warm water. The cafeteria here  accommodates 700 people, known for the model of the self-running cafeteria in Taipei City.