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Excellence of Zhong Lung

III. Excellence of Zhong Lung 

1.Professional Teaching

The faculty members of Zhong-Lung have excellent professional teaching competences. They know how to help the students develop their potential according to their individual differences and to facilitate good interactions with the students as well. The faculty members also integrate technology into the curriculum to make the courses livelier so as to guide the students to learn through the technology. In addition, to foster students’interests in scientific research and attitudes, the school promotes subject research through scientific exhibition, Creative Iron Man Competition, Theme-based Webpage Production, Geographic Information Theme Production, etc. 

2. Vigorous School Clubs

Students of Zhong-lung are energetic and creative. Currently, there are fifty clubs for senior and junior high school students. They fall into the following categories, academia, literature, music, recreation, and talents. Vibration of the school band and choir, exquisite performance of hip-hop and drama clubs, madness of the performance by the guitar and pop club, and excellence of the sports clubs reveal the vigor of students’ participation of club activities. Furthermore, the student-held Halloween Party, Christmas Talent Show, and School Festival Ceremony are very impressive and these programs add tons of happiness to the students’ school life.

In addition, the school magazine edited by the students always amazes the readers with surprises. All in all, the autonomy of the students leads to the prosperity of the club activities.

3. International Cultural Exchange

Zhong-Lun promotes students’ cultural learning and international cultural exchange by offering second foreign language courses and exchange student programs. There are six exchange students studying in Zhong-lung this school year. The presence of the exchange students facilitate the students to think in international perspectives and learn from different cultures. To bring the students into the international community, the school holds English-learning immersion program overseas during summer vacation and conducts on-line learning programs with Villa Duchesne in Missouri, USA during the school year.