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School Management

IV. School Management

1. Objectives of Education (Cultivate students’ ten basic competences)

(1) Competence of understanding oneself and developing one’s potential

(2) Competence of appreciation, performing and creating

(3) Competence of career planning and life-long learning

(4) Competence of expressing oneself, communicating and sharing

(5) Competence of respecting, caring for others and teamwork

(6) Competence of cultural learning and international understanding

(7) Competence of planning, organizing and executing

(8) Competence of applying technology and information

(9) Competence of exploring and conducting basic researches

(10) Competence of independent thinking and problem-solving

2. Visions of Education

(1)   To build a bilingual learning environment: Students, faculties, and staffs use both English and Chinese in daily communication. Students’ competence of a second foreign language would also be cultivated. 

(2)   To become a community school: Community resources would be integrated into the school development.

(3)   To establish cultural landmarks: The school would be open to the local community. The school would contribute cultural resources to the community.